Friday, April 30, 2010

The countdown has begun

This afternoon I picked up my packet at Fleet Feet for tomorrows race. I didn't know what I was getting in this packet besides the bib. I was told the packets would be ready for pick up from 3pm to 6pm today.

Earlier in the day I called my friend, Leslie, who will be running the 10K tower challenge with her husband. She's been running this race for years and runs races regularly. She was also one of my coaches when I originally started running back in 2005. She is incredible and had great advise. I've been very nervous and she was able to calm me down. I will meet her tomorrow morning and she will help me warm up and get ready.

So, I got to FF after 3pm and they had a table outside with several people just standing around. No one greeted me or said anything as I walked up so I said hi to one of the girls standing there. None of these people were too helpful and they all seemed a little confused. The girl couldn't find my name at first--she had to be told to check the next page. The guy next to her found my bib and then asked me what size t-shirt and handed it all to me along with 4 safety pins. I asked if there were anything else....of the 6+ people standing there, not ONE made eye contact with me the whole time I was there. I just stood there for a second waiting for a response, then getting none, started to turn and walk away. That's when the guy said, "Oh, yeah, you need to sign this and write down your bib#." While I did that I, again, asked if there was anything else I needed. Again, I received no response and no eye contact. So, I shrugged my shoulders and walked away.
Not making me feel very confident but this is the 7th annual race so tomorrow should be okay. We'll see......

The "packet" consisted of the t-shirt, bib, and safety pins. But, if I turn my bib back in to FF tomorrow after the race I'll get a hat and be in a drawing for a gift card for some merchandise, I think.

Well, I want to get a good nights rest because I need to be up very very early. I still need to eat dinner. Just making something simple: small piece of baked chicken and asparagus with a little bit of whole grain pasta. I eat this a lot and it doesn't upset my stomach!

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