Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Is Here &, Almost, Gone

It's been a whirlwind month. 

Work has been busy (thank goodness), & my days off seem to fly right by. 

On 1 of my days off, I took a ferry over to the City by the Bay to spend the day as well as attend a SFGiants baseball game with friends that night.

I spent another afternoon watching a friend win money on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at Cache Creek Casino within 20 minutes of us arriving. And then gorge ourselves at the buffet with part of her winnings!! Lol 

I took my dad to Mikuni's Japanese Restaurant & Sushi in Davis for the best sushi!! 

Celebrated Fathers Day with my family at Cattlemen's in Dixon, an excellent steakhouse. But I ate Chicken Teriyaki!

My parents & I spent a day with my cousin, Jessica, in Castro Valley & Dublin. We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant called Casa Orozco in Dublin where Happy Hour is ALL DAY!! 

I  saw only 2 movies this month: 22 JUMP STREET and JERSEY BOYS. I did have plans to see THINK LIKE A MAN tonight, but my asthma (caused from allergies) has been acting up the last couple of days & I can barely get through my shifts let alone sit through a movie!! Hopefully I'll see it sometime this upcoming week. 

I've read 3 books this month: W IS FOR WASTED (Sue Grafton), and both THE COLD HEART & MYSTERY ( Jonathan Kellerman).  I'm currently reading THE NIGHT CIRCUS ( Erin Morgenstern). 

Last Saturday a co-worker asked me to walk Relay For Life with her. And, soooo, since my dad has cancer again I of course said YES!! After working my shift at work I walked....and walked!! I'm definitely doing that again next year!!

Besides all that I hung out with friends and family & continued to work on our upcoming Family Reunion scheduled for next month. And I ate out a lot!! 

And now going back to cancer.... My dad was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer yet again. I believe it's the 5th time in 1 1/2 years. His surgery was yesterday. When they found it this time they found 2 spots on his bladder. Yesterday there were 5 spots!!! So, either they didn't see 3 of them originally OR they appeared in the few weeks since they found the other 2 spots. He came through the surgery just fine and was home a few hours later!! now it's 6 weeks of the bladder wash.... And hopefully this is the last time.

Well, that's my June 2014 so far. Here's wishing everyone a great weekend!! 

Until next time........

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goodbye to May......

Happy Saturday to all!! Well another month is coming to a close. I'm always amazed how fast time flies!!

And, to close out the month of May, here is another installment of Saturday smiles: 5 things that made me smile/happy this week. 

1.  Going to the movies to see Maleficent 
2.  Watching a marathon of Sex & The City 
3.  My cat, Baby
4.  Purging my house of stuff I no longer need or want
5.  Mani/Pedi's

Here's wishing everyone a safe & wonderful weekend. Until next time.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Uh-oh, Getting Complacent

I stepped on the scale yesterday morning & I gained 1/2 lb. I know, I need to get freaked out & panicked.  

But, I DO need to be mindful of where I'm at, & remember where I've been. 

Four months ago I was 25 lbs heavier (okay now technically 24.5). Since 4/7/14 I've only lost 4 lbs.  That's a week after my birthday. 

Well, I can make all of the excuses I want but the bottom line is..... I've gotten complacent, or here's a better term LAZY!! 

I worked very hard & changed up how I ate to lose that 25 lbs. It all started because in January I said I didn't want to look like an Oompa Loompa on my birthday! Yes I really said that!! Lol

I'm extremely happy and proud of myself for this accomplishment. I am happier & feel so much better. I never want to go back to the heavier weight EVER EVER EVER again!!

I've been on this roller coaster ride of weight loss & re-gain for many years & I say it each time I lose weight. But "somehow" the weight slowly creeps back........

This time I told myself it was the LAST time, I would not allow myself to let the weight sneak up on me. I said I'd be vigilant & keep on track. 

Surrounding myself with family & friends who can't control themselves with food isn't helping. Neither is working in a restaurant.....however my job is the easier of the two if you can believe it. 

Well I cannot control what other people do, but I can control what I do.  THE BUCK STOPS HERE, with me!

And it starts today!! That 1/2 lb is a pattern that I will not fall back into!  

So I've taken control of my eating today & am back on track. 

The above picture was late afternoon snack & my dinner. Don't worry that's only 1Tbsp of low fat Best Foods mayo mixed with a clove of baked garlic for that artichoke. The stuffed shells are also low cal & the Brussel sprouts were sautéed with cooking spray with only pepper & fresh lime juice. 

Exercise isn't the problem. I go to Zumba 2-3 times a week, I have a new bicycle that I love, & I walk a lot. 

Now, I'm not saying that I cannot have a special treat once in a while. But over the last 6 weeks that "occasional" treat has become an every day thing. 

Besides the 1/2 lb I need to get rid of, I still would like to lose 20 more lbs. my mom said she would like to see me lose another 30 lbs. I told her that I would like that also but I have to be realistic. Can I maintain that 30 lbs??  I don't know. 

Right now I'm sticking to 20 more lbs to lose.  If I lose that & am able to maintain maybe I'll try for that additional loss. We'll see. 

Well, that's all for now. Everyone have a great week. And, until next time......

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Smiles

Happy Saturday!! 

I had a short, & steady, day at work this morning. I was off by 10am so decided to try & make it over to Golds Gym for a Zumba class at 10:30. 

Class was full but I needed the exercise. & it was a good class today!! I'm actually a little sore which is not normal!! 

I finished the book I was reading last night. "Killer" by Jonathan Kellerman. If you're familiar with this author it's part of the Alex Delaware of my faves!! 

Since I have no other plans today I decided to sit outside at Starbucks after Zumba class & start reading my new book: "W is for Wasted" by Sue Grafton, another favorite author. 

It started out being warm out here but a little windy. Now it's cool and very windy. I think it's time to head home & get warm.... Lol. 

But before I go, it's time for the 5 things that made me smile this week: 

1.  Catching up on my reading 
haven't read a book since January. How sad is that!!! I read Killer in 3 days.....

2.  My nails
I got them done yesterday.  They are definitely different but I'm happy with how they turned out.

3.  Zumba
I love my Zumba classes & wish I could get to more!! I'm happy I was able to make it to 3 classes this week!!

4.  Mothers Day
I had to work on Mothers Day, so I wasn't able to spend it with my mom. So on my day off I took her to a tearoom in a nearby town to celebrate, & we had a Royal Tea for 2.....just like the English!! She loved it!!!

5.  My cat, Baby
Yes, again! She makes me smile everyday!! She'll always make the list!! 

What made you smile this week?? 

Have a great weekend. And, until next time.......

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My New Bike!!

I think I've finally figured out how to upload my pictures onto my posts. 

Somewhere down the line I guess I deleted my Blogger app off of my IPhone.  I know I've uploaded pics this way. It just takes me longer to type on my phone.....

So...... I have a new bike!!

I got it about 1 1/2 weeks ago. It's a Schwinn Cruiser. So many people in town are purchasing bicycles right now and I jumped on the bandwagon.

I've only taken it out a couple of times so far. 

The seat seems too low for me. You'd think the manual would be more helpful on exactly how to adjust the seat. But you would be wrong!!

You'd also think going on the Schwinn website would be helpful. Yeah, well, not so much!!

So I'm trying to figure it out on my own. And I'm beyond frustrated!! I finally figured out how to adjust it.....however, it's near impossible to loosen the bolt. I'm just about at the "WHATEVER" phase while throwing my hands up in despair!! Lol. Guess I'll keep on trying until I get it done.

I originally wanted a red bike. Then I was told they were sold out & red sells fast. Well then, even though it's my favorite color.....if everyone else has it, I don't. 

I saw this teal color and instantly fell in love. I looked at all the bicycles they had (which was a lot!) & kept going back to this one. 

I got the wicker basket for it but I think I may also get a metal one. I've been looking for a drink holder, but not just any drink holder. Everyone tells me to check online. But sorry I want to see it in person before I buy it. The local stores kinda suck in the inventory dept so may have to go to Sacramento. 

I'm really not in a huge hurry. I know I'll find one eventually......

Well that's all for now. I have to get up in a few hours for work. So, until next time.....

Friday, May 2, 2014

"What Are Your Plans For The Summer?"

What has happened to this year?? It's May now......which means 2014 is close to being half over!
It also means Mother's Day is next Sunday, graduation is coming up and the end of the school year is almost upon us. 
My nail lady asked me this afternoon.....

"What are your plans for the summer?"

Uhhhhhhhhhh....was about all I was able to say!!  OMG that also means that SUMMERTIME, my favorite time of the year, is almost here too!!

So, what are my plans for the summer????

Well, I finally thought of ONE thing!!  I am organizing our Family Reunion Picnic, which is this July.  It's my mom's side of the family.
I'm super excited for this family reunion.  I invited well over 100 people, which is all of the family still with us.  So far I think we have around 60 or so confirmed.  I know there are another, at least, 20 people who will be coming. We'll see about the rest....
My step-dad helped create an invitation, and I got them all mailed out before Easter. I tried to upload a picture of the invitation, but my computer was acting up and wouldn't complete the task....I guess I'll try again another day. (he did a really good job on the invites!)
We had a quickly planned family reunion last August.  It was planned because one of my Uncles was turning 80 & he had just found out he had cancer again and was given about 6 months (he passed away 5 months later). One of my cousins planned that event and I'm so glad she did because those of us who were able to attend got to see and spend time with him....(there is a picture of my uncle that I tried to upload--FAIL again!)
Well, as for the rest of my summer, I always have lot's of plans, but never follow through with most of them.  And then summer is over for another year.
This year I want my summer to be what I always expect it to be.... not all about work! So now that I'm aware that it's almost upon us, I'll actually start making REAL plans (ie deciding on exact days, getting tickets, etc....). 
Hopefully you will be reading about all of the things I am actually doing instead of what I hope I'm doing!!

What are your plans for the summer?
Is anyone planning anything fun & exciting?

Well, since I am not able to upload any pictures (and to think I finally uploaded pictures from my Iphone) I will end this post now.
Have a great weekend, and until next time......

Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's Saturday.....Everyone Smile....It's Free!!


I saw this on another blog & thought it was a great idea! 
What 5 things made me smile this week??

1. My cat, Baby
2. Sunny days
3. Mom & daughter days
4. My SFGiants
5. Being busy at work

It's been a very busy week at work.  I'm still a server (only 1 job now) & usually I work about 5 hour shifts.  But this week it's been at least 7 hour shifts.....and after 3 days in a row, I am exhausted.  I still have 1 more day before my day off.  I'm definitely NOT complaining because I love it when we're busy, but I'm just ready for bed by 3 in the afternoon! lol 
If you're not, or have never been, a server you might think.. what?? But try standing/walking/almost running around a restaurant for 7+ hours & see how your feet feel....

On Monday night our Employers had an Employee Appreciation Dinner for the staff. I can't believe only 20-23 people showed up...I think there is about 60-80 employees. Most employers, especially in the food service industry, no longer do this for their employees & I thought it was a big deal.  However, I work with a lot of young people who do not appreciate things like that.  They will when they're older...... But those of us who went had a wonderful time!!

Also, I had a Mother/Daughter Day on Wednesday..... My mom & I did a little driving into the Bay Area.  We stopped in Castro Valley to check on the park facilities for the Family Reunion I'm planning this summer.  Then we visited our old Stomping Ground in Dublin (where I grew up) & spent the day checking out the town & how much it's changed since we moved away after my 7th grade.  I love nostalgia.....
We also had lunch at Cheesecake Factory in Walnut Creek.  I've eaten there a few times, but my mom had never been to that location & wanted to go.  Delicious as always. 

All of my pictures are on my Iphone and I haven't uploaded them to my computer so I don't have any picture to post. 

Well, that's the excitement this week!!
Until next time........

Friday, April 25, 2014

My 1st Post in 2014.....& the 1st in a Year!!

Time flies when you're living your life, right??!!

I cannot believe I haven't been on here in over a year.  I've thought about it often, but could never find the time to sit still and post.


Here I sit at my computer, trying this blogging thing again! 

During the next week I will be on here slowly updating this blog and trying to post regularly. 


.....what have I been doing the last 12 months? 

Mostly working, but also trying to better my life.  I've made many changes....and continue to do so as needed.

The biggest change has been to my physical self.  I've been up and down the scale over the years, but haven't been able to keep the scale from inching upwards.....

Starting in February of this year, I finally decided that I couldn't be, as I called myself, an Oompa Loompa  anymore!!  I was at my highest weight ever.....and couldn't get myself to stick to changing my bad matter how sad & miserable I was!!

But since February 3, 2014 I have been able to FINALLY stick to changing my poor eating habits and have successfully lost 24 lbs. 

Now losing the weight is the EASY part, right?? lol  Well, I still have more weight to lose (about 20 lbs or so) and then the hard part will begin.......KEEPING IT OFF!!

I'm doing it slowly.  It seems to be working, and I don't feel deprived.  I have had my "cheat" days but at this point I'm so happy that I have dropped 2 full sizes, that I don't EVER EVER EVER want to go back to that old weight again. 

Pictures will follow.......I'm just not up to it tonight.  I've been up since 4am this morning....I work at 6am.  And, I have to work at 6am tomorrow morning. 

Yes, I work weekends.  And I like it!!  I would rather be off during the week.  Less crowds, and I can get more done......

Well that's all for now.  Until next time.......

Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday......I'm baaaack!

I've been off of my computer since February.  It started as something I gave up for Lent.  But then even after Easter I've been so busy I haven't had the time to even try to blog.

A quick synopsis of my life right now:
(1) I'm still working 2 jobs (5 shifts at one job/2 shifts at my other job)
(2) My step-dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer.  Well, they found a tumor back in Feb when he finally had an MRI after he fell off of a ladder in December.  They did the biopsy.  The doctor initially told my step-dad they didn't find anything.  However, a few weeks later when he was still having the same issues he called the doctor back.  She profusely apologized to my dad and explained that she just got the results back from the pathologist and my dad did indeed have cancer......He was immediately started on a chemical wash for 6 weeks.  He's almost done. Hopefully it will be successful.....
(3) My brother is not well.  My mom said he has been looking exhausted for monthes.  He finally listened to her & had a physical. The doctor told him that he had an enlarged heart due to extreme stress and if he didn't make drastic/immediate changes to his life, he would get worse & possibly die.  My mom saw him a couple of weeks ago...she said he is looking a little bit better. I guess that's better than looking worse?!
(4) My father is getting ready to have hip replacement surgery.
(5) One of my mom's cousins was murdered a couple of weeks ago by his daughter.  The funeral is this week.....And, yes, she is in jail.....
(6) I was recruited to be on the committee for my high school reunion.  It's a combination of 2 classes.  The other class has a few people helping locate people.  I am the only one for my class.  Luckily a couple of the girls from the other class are now helping me.  It's been difficult trying to contact people & getting some to respond back at all. 
(7) And, lastly, due to the upcoming Obamacare.....I was just informed that I will be losing one of my shifts at my main job sometime this summer.  They want to make sure none of us will go over 30 hours a week so that they don't have to offer us benefits.

This whole healthcare benefits issue is completely ridiculous!!  How can the government FORCE us to get healthcare??  When did the USA become a socialist country??  I didn't realize I lived in Russia for God sake!!

Anyway, the bottom line is this:  because of this new STUPID law.....not only am I losing 1 shift a week...which means less money to pay my bills......but I will not be able to afford the healthcare benefits that the government is MAKING ME GET!! 

So, oh-wise-one US Government......when this law takes effect & all of us current middle class employees who work in places that don't offer benefits are losing shifts & trying to figure out how we're going to pay our bills, buy food to eat & gas for our cars etc.....and then try to pay for this overpriced healthcare......have you even thought about how the economy will be affected??

If you haven't figured it out yet......the economy will probably tank again because the middle class won't have the extra money to spend on non-essentials.  Some of my co-workers and I have already been talking about it. 

But I honestly don't believe any politician from ANY side cares about the middle class.  It's apparent to me that the politicians and rich want the USA to be a 2 class country:  the poor and the rich.

And, sad to say, they are getting their wish.........

Well, on to a little bit of a happier subject.  I am still going to Zumba class a couple of times a week.  And, I am running in a 5k in a couple of weeks.  I haven't run in one in a couple of years and am looking forward to it.  The only problem is that I haven't been running lately.  I have 2 weeks to get ready!! lol

Well, that's all for now.  It's getting late and I have to work tomorrow. 

Until next time......

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flu Shot

Happy Thursday my Blogger friends!!

Finally logged in on my iPhone!! I've had this app since I got my phone last year but am just now getting around to trying out the app's I downloaded oh so long ago.

It's finally slowed way down at work. It's much slower them the same time last year... Not so good for me. Hope it picks up soon.

Today at work some of my co-workers were talking about the flu epidemic which has hit this country and many of them got the flu shot.

I didn't know that it had become an epidemic and that so many people have died.

I've always said that I would never get a flu shot!! But my co-workers had me a little nervous so after work I thought about it and decided to bite the bullet, be a big girl and get the shot.

Sooo, I ended up at Costco, which was closest to my house as well as the most affordable. Oh yeah, I don't have health insurance at this time.

After the shot the lady told me that I wouldn't be 100% immunized for 2 weeks?! Yikes, I'd better not get that nasty flu in the meantime!!! (knocking on wood)....

Yes, that picture below is me getting that flu shot!!! :/

Until next time.....